• Bistrița, Drumul Cetății, nr.19, Bistrița-Năsăud


The Company IPROEB SA, headquartered in Bistrita, str. Drumul Cetatii, Nr. 19, Bistrita-Nasaud County, CUI RO566930, registered in the trade register no. J06 /55/1991, kindly asks you to note the following:

1.    We respect the laws concerning the protection of personal data and implement technical and organizational measures to protect all direct or indirect operations concerning personal data, preventing unauthorized or unlawful processing as well as accidental loss or illegal destruction.

2.    We collect your full name, phone number, e-mail, title or legal quality in which you represent your company and any other personal data you consent to insert in the contract concluded with us for:

–     the execution of the contract with the company you represent;

–     the tax obligations related to income earned after performance of the contract;

–     fulfilling our professional obligation to register commercial contracts. These data will be kept during the commercial record keeping.

3.    We collect your phone number and your e-mail in order to:

–     communicate with you. These data will be kept during the commercial record keeping.

4.    We collect data and information from the requests you send to us and data of your employees and third parties contained in the documents that you bring to our attention in order to:

–     achieve your legitimate interest to carry out the contractual relationship with us;

–     realize the specific supply / manufacturing activities you ordered. These data will be kept during the commercial record keeping.

5.    We do not use personal data for automated processing or for creating profiles. We never take automated decisions about you. We use technical means for storing data safely. We do not process data for secondary purposes incompatible with the purposes for which we collected them.

6.    We respect and ensure the strict professional secrecy. We do not disclose data but only for achieving your interests and for compliance with the legal obligations.

7.    We revise annually the collected data, analyzing the extent to which their preservation is necessary for the purposes mentioned, your legitimate interests or compliance with the legal obligations. Data no longer required will be deleted.

8.    You get the right of access, intervention, rectification and porting on the data you provide, the right to limit the processing carried out by us and even request deletion of data. Please inform us about your requests concerning the processing of personal data in writing by e-mail to the Data Protection Officer: jurist@iproeb.ro.